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Camp Ketcha’s mental health program development

By January 14, 2018March 29th, 2021Article

Camp Ketcha, a year-round charitable non-profit organization serving the community of Southern Maine through nature based programming for youth development, family enrichment, and summer day camping, is expanding their mental health services offered on site. Located in Scarborough on over a hundred acres of diverse natural landscape, it is a wonderful location for providing nature- and outdoor- based mental health services to the greater community.

Camp Ketcha’s mental health program development is in its initial stages with a focus on providing outdoor based therapeutic services. Camp Ketcha is requesting feedback from the greater community on mental/behavioral health needs that are currently not being met elsewhere and/or might be better served in a nature-based setting. 

Most recently, licensed psychologist Annmarie Mica, PsyD, has teamed up with Kate Connolly, MSW, of Camp Ketcha to provide a nature-based anxiety skills group for young children, that was met with enthusiasm from the community. Similar programming is being planned for the future.

Historically, Camp Ketcha has run mental health initiatives on their diverse grounds, such as events for children on the autism spectrum and their families, adventure based counseling for children from local schools and through the department of corrections, special education preschool programming, and direct therapy services.

Camp Ketcha’s mission is “to provide kids of all ages with deep connections to the land, vibrant community and the confidence to create their sense of place in the world.”

Please direct comments and questions to:

Annmarie Mica, PsyD 207-808-0428 (
Thomas Doherty, Executive Director of Camp Ketcha 207-883-8977 (

Annmarie Mica, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist at
Psychological & Educational Services
205 Ocean Avenue, Office 203
Portland, ME 04103
Work: (207) 808-0428