Maine Psychological Association (MePA) Policy Council Members are elected by the membership to serve the Association. Policy Council members are leaders within MePA who are recognized as having experience, insight, and perspective on issues that are important to the Association.

By accepting this position, members agree to the commitment of time, energy, and effort required to fulfill Policy Council responsibilities including the establishment of policies, priorities, goals and objectives that align with the Mission Statement and By-laws. 

New Committees and Chairs 2020 

Community Engagement
: Chair Carly Rodgers, PhD

Combine the efforts of the Peace and Social Justice, Public Education, and Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committees to engage educational institutions and the general public in areas of social concern like anti-discrimination, and promote human welfare and the mind and body connection. Also responsible for nominating Maine businesses for the APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace (PHW) Award based on the criteria of employee involvement, growth and development, health and safety, and recognition.  

Continuing Education: Chair Susan Maataoui, PhD

Oversee and encourage MePA’s continuing education initiatives including the annual conference and at-home continuing education opportunities.

Ethics: Chair Farhana Shah, PhD

Provide consultation and education to members on ethical issues related to the practice and conduct of psychologists.

Finance: Co-Chairs Howard Kunin, PsyD and Rosemary McCullough, PhD

Combine the efforts of the Reimbursement, Compensation, and Audit Committees to address member challenges with third party payers, act as an intervenor with insurance companies, and meet with the Bureau of Insurance to discuss ongoing concerns. Also reviews fiscal policies and staff compensation.

Legislative: Co-Chairs Diane Tennies, PhD and Doug Kimmel, PhD

Combine the efforts of the Legislative and Peace and Social Justice Committees to monitor and advocate for legislation affecting psychologists, develop the legislative agenda, and supervise the work of the lobbyist. Provide guidance on topics of social concern.

Membership: Co-Chairs Tom Collins, EdD and Elyse Corbett, PhD

Combine the efforts of the Membership, Technology, and Early Career Committees to promote MePA member engagement in the organization, oversee the MePA website, and provide support and activities to psychologists beginning their careers.

Personnel: Co-Chairs Elise Magnuson, PsyD and Tom Collins, EdD

Address any HR-related issues, complaints, concerns, and compensation changes

Special Interest Groups:

MePA will consider supporting member-initiated and operated special interest groups to encourage collaboration among members with special interests (e.g., psychopharmacology and school psychology).