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Maine Psychological Association Names 2023 Psychologist of the Year 

By November 4, 2023December 30th, 2023Article, community, Event, Press Release

Randy Moser
The Maine Psychological Association
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Maine Psychological Association Names Psychologist of the Year 

Freeport – The Maine Psychological Association (MePA) named Dr. Rae Egbert as Psychologist of the Year at its 2023 Annual Conference, which focused on embracing diversity and cultivating equitable and inclusive communities.

More than 50 leading psychologists, researchers and students from across Maine attended the all-day training and educational celebration. The association represents Maine psychologists as it advances its mission to advance psychology as a science, profession, and a means of promoting human welfare.

Dr. Rae Egbert, a licensed psychologist with a strong commitment to fostering healing and growth, believes in the power of community and connectedness, emphasizing the importance of increasing security within oneself and with those closest to them. Using evidence-based approaches, Dr. Egbert helps her clients develop therapy goals tailored to their unique strengths and needs.

With a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University Post, Dr. Egbert also holds a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy and Practice from The George Washington University, a J.D. with a concentration in Child/Family Law from Capital University Law School, and a B.S. in Justice Studies from James Madison University.

With expertise in working with the LGBTQ+ community, trauma, stress-related disorders, substance use disorders, and addictive behaviors, Dr. Egbert brings a comprehensive and compassionate approach to therapy.

The association also recognized three standout educators for their exceptional work integrating social-emotional wellness into the classroom. Recipients Jeni Frazee (Waterville Public Schools), Joy Jancewicz (RSU 56), and Catherine Newell (Scarborough Public Schools) were celebrated for championing positive student-teacher relationships, blending academic and socioemotional learning, and advocating for mental health awareness within their districts. Praise centered on the compassionate classroom culture established by each teacher, where mutual understanding and respect enable students to feel secure exploring academic challenges.

“These remarkable educators epitomize the future of teaching we envision for Maine schools,” said MePA President Jamie Pratt, PsyD. “By innovating through a lens of psychological adaptation, they have profoundly impacted their students’ wellbeing and potential.”

The Educator Recognition Program aligns with MePA’s mission to promote welfare through psychology and as pioneers in this initiative, Frazee, Jancewicz, and Newell have set a standard to which hundreds of Maine teachers can aspire.

“We embrace a big-tent philosophy,” said Executive Director Randy Moser, emphasizing the theme of this year’s conference, titled “Embracing a Culture of Equity, Inclusion, and Community.” The event centered on principles of radical acceptance, understanding, and a dedication to health equity.

Presenters included Dr. Idella Glenn, a collaborative leader with more than 29 years of higher education experience focusing on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and Quinn Elleen Gormley, Executive Director of MaineTrans.Net, boasting extensive expertise in community organizing and social justice issues.

During the conference, attendees learned methods to foster understanding, skills to effectively communicate with diverse community members and ways to support marginalized communities.

For more information about MePA and its mission, please visit

The Maine Psychological Association’s mission is to advance psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare. The organization’s membership consists of psychologists, academicians, researchers, students, and other professionals committed to the practice of psychology.

In addition, MePA helps consumers identify psychologists around the state for referral and provides a searchable online database at no charge. For more information about MePA and its mission, please visit